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  • "Eighteen holes of golf will teach you more about your foe than will eighteen years of dealing with him across a desk."
    Grantland Rice

There are no words wiser than these by Grantland Rice, an early 20th century American sportswriter that illustrates the value of golf in building relationships, both for business and personal gain.

In corporate terms, business is conducted with people we know and trust and with whom we have a relationship with.

With golf as the boardroom sport of choice, you can bridge that gap and with the barriers of organizational ranked stripped away, golf offers you a platform where all players are equal, allowing businesses to build relationships on trust, rapport and real connections.

Golfbizniz is a specialist events management company who through our own managed- or customized customer events, creates opportunities for corporate decision makers to use golf as a platform, not only to entertain their valued customers but also to network with other corporate pioneers.

Allow your business to experience the value that golf will have for your organization by joining one of our premier events or through allowing us to host your own customized and personalized events.

With eleven years of event experience under the belt, more than 200 events hosted and a range of new platforms that will be launched in 2017, you are assured to experience the value that golf will have for your business when partnering with us.

We look forward to create your next golf experience!

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