Golf has become an important part of marketing leaving communication strategies, and therefore it is vital to present your corporate day as a professionally run and managed day that will reflect on the high standards set by your organisation.


Traditionally golf days have been organized and managed by company employees. This leads to company time spent on a non-core function, attention possibly not given to the important finer details and of course a loss in employee productivity.

But most important, on your important day you have to run around to ensure that everything runs smoothly while you could have spent this valuable time with your customers.

By opting to outsource your golf day you will not only save your company time, money and frustration but you will have a day tailor-made to your requirements that will reflect on the professional image of your organisation.

We initially meet with customers to determine event requirements, as well as book the Golf Club of choice. We draw up electronic invitations with your company details for your clients and sponsors. We send out electronic invitationsto all your clients and make bookings for players for the event. We allocate tee-off times for players and arrange promotional items needed or gifts you may require. We also personalize score cards with names, format & tee-off times.

As part of the event arrangements, we welcome all your guests on arrival at the at the club, we hand out the scorecards, rules of the day and goody bags to each player. We collect and check all score cards, draw up the winners list, as well as display prizes on prize-giving table, with prize-numbers on each prize.

We send out "thank you" letters to all participants if required, and provide customer with feedback on the event.


  • No loss of employee time and productivity
  • Portrays a professional image of your company
  • Allow you to focus on your core business activities
  • Professional and well managed golf day
  • Valuable time can now be spent with customers
  • Cost effective
  • Easier process to manage